Danger Ranger’s 20th Annual Post-Yule Pyre Christmas Tree Burn

Post Yule Pyre

Danger Ranger and the Friends of the Rootless Forest present the 20th Annual Post-Yule Pyre this Saturday, January 3rd. Meet at the Carousel Diner in San Francisco at 7:30pm.

An essential part of the city’s recycling program occurs each year at this time when the last stand of sidewalk Christmas trees is logged by Friends of the Rootless Forest and piled onto the beach for some very rapid decomposition.

Meet in front of the old Doggie Dinner building (now closed), 2750 Sloat Blvd. & 47th Ave. Bring a tree.

After our community service work is done, we will gather for drinks by the fireplace at the Riptide bar, 3639 Taraval St.

photo by Scott Beale