Dedicated Florida Dairy Farmer Serenades His Beloved Cows With Live Jazz on His Trombone

Great Big Story traveled to Live Oak, Florida to visit with Shenandoah Dairy farmer Ed Henderson who, as part of his daily duties, serenades his beloved cows with jazz he plays on his trombone. Studies are learning that music is beneficial to animals and Henderson needs to practice, so this arrangement is a good thing for both man and animals.

Florida dairy farmer Ed Henderson has been playing the trombone since elementary school. And these days his audience, well, fits the scenery. Turns out, cows love jazz music! What began as a one-off backyard practice session, has turned into a regular gig that Henderson says entertains and pleases his audience of 6,800 or so cows.

Perhaps Henderson should join up with musician Sam Greenfield, who serenaded a couple of shy cows on his saxophone in 2016.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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