Creative Dad Elegantly Plates and Serves His Son’s Lunch as a Waiter in a High-End Restaurant

After a couple of weeks at home, sommelier and stay-at-home dad Jason Booth found that he missed being in a restaurant, so he began plating a series of meals for his toddler son Jonah‘s lunch in a quite elegant fashion, serving them to him as a waiter from a high-end restaurant. Booth eloquently described each item as Jonah reviewed the selection of delicious morsels awaiting him.

Booth stated that he was inspired by the Netflix series Chef’s Table.

Jonah’s lunches and a recent re-binging of #ChefsTable have decidedly changed the midday meal routine for the both of us. Today’s lunch included yesterday’s bread with a peanut gelée and jam emulsion, orange one way, and twice-fried frijole reduction.