Custom Handwriting Necklaces


Jewelry artist Brittany Leigh of Rochester, New York says the idea for her personalized handwriting necklaces started after her grandmother died, when she wanted to make something for her mother to keep her grandmother “close despite her absence.” She says, “But I also wanted it to be happy, and beautiful, and capture the essence of my grandmother. I found her handwriting translated all of these things in a wonderful way.” She now custom makes and sells these beautiful handwriting necklaces at her Etsy shop. They come in sterling silver but she’ll also make them in 14k gold upon request.

The necklace doesn’t need to be that emotionally heavy, it doesn’t need to be a memorial piece. It can be anything you want it be, but whoever’s handwriting you take it from – it will be unique and one of a kind, no matter what.



via Etsy