Crumbs, A Last Resort Placeholder Website Page for Delinquent Clients


Here’s an example of what a Crumbs placeholder screen would look like

Crumbs is described as an “open-source holding page created to help get hard working web designers & developers the money they’re owed.” In short, if you hire a web developer or designer and neglect to pay your invoices on time, a Crumbs screen will replace your website until you do pay. That is, if they have installed the free Crumbs “WordPress theme and/or static placeholder” which they can activate or deactivate without detrimental effect to their client’s chosen theme.

Crumbs was developed by Stephen Fairbanks of Ghosthorses Website Design.

Crumbs is a temporary holding page to be used as a last resort for when a client has repeatedly ignored or refused to pay the invoices for their web services.

Thanks Shelby DeNike!

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff