‘Fiber-Rich’ Crocheted Cakes, Cookies, and Pasta

Yarn artist Normalynn Ablao of Copacetic Crocheter creates wonderful “fiber-rich” foods out of yarn that look good enough to eat. Her crocheted goodies include all sorts of cakes, cookies, pasta (both “raw” and “cooked”), soups, frozen treats, and other yummy recreations. Ablao states that crocheting is a therapeutic activity in between her other jobs.

I am a mother, teacher and ET contactee. I’ve been crocheting since 2001 and I love it! It’s my hobby and therapy. It’s a channel to my boundless, exploring, ever-expanding true-self. It puts me in the gamma state for full freedom of expression!

Additionally, Ablao makes Cake Sachets that benefit local charities.

I am a non-profit intermediary helping to raise funds for non-profit organizations. The reward is fourfold: crocheting is therapeutic; making a contribution to charity provides the support it needs; helping to improve the welfare of the environment, people and animals is self-fulfilling; and all makes me happier each time.  

Ablao’s patterns can be found on the Copacetic Crocheter website or through her Etsy shop.

via Colossal