Adorable Crocheted Animal-Shaped Nose Warmers

Nose Warmer Licker Dog

Aunt Marty from Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina creates absolutely adorable crocheted animal-shaped nose warmers that easily attach onto the face with convenient loops on each side.

It’s a proven fact that the nose and other extremities get cold before any other part of the human body due to delayed blood flow. We wear gloves to warm our hands and socks to warm our feet, so it only makes sense to put that same logic to use with a cozy nose warmer, particularly if it looks really cute.

Aunt Marty started making her signature nose warmers almost 50 years ago out of necessity.

I made my first nose warmer in 1970 to cover my big cold nose. That started me on a long road making thousands of unique nose warmers to send around the world. I never thought in the beginning that there would be so many cold noses that needed Nose Warmers. I love what I do and I crochet and handcraft each Nose Warmer that I sell. Who would have thought in 1970 that I would one day be called the Nose Warmer Queen?

Aunt Marty has a selection of nose warmers available for purchase through her Etsy store and Amazon.

Nose Warmer Baby Duck

Nose Warmer Brown Bear

Nose Warmer Panda

Nose Warmer Soft Kitty

Nose Warmer Silly Skunk

via Sad and Useless