Creepy Interactive Robotic Rings

A research group at Keio University in Japan have been developing (somewhat creepy) interactive robotic rings that imitate human eye and mouth movements. This video from DigInfo TV shows the rings in action.

Find further information about the project at DigInfo TV:

“When you wear this robot on your hand, it forms a medium for communication using the hand. So the robot serves as a device for enhancing the animal-like, imitative ways that people use their hands.”

“The robot has electromagnetic motors in the eyes, which are controlled electrically. This bottom part contains a microcontroller to move the eyes, and a battery.”

“Until now, robots have usually communicated with people from a distance. That’s also true of pet robots like AIBO, and androids. Until now, robots haven’t been attached to the human body. We’ve designed this ring-shaped robot as an entertaining communication device, like an accessory that’s fun to wear, to help wearable robots progress beyond the research stage.”

via The Awl and Crunchyroll

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff