Craigslist Penis Photographer Featuring Bob Odenkirk

As we all know too well, getting that perfect “MySpace angle” for our social network icons and alleged candid iPhone pics on the go isn’t easy. It’s an art form. And no one understands that more than the Mickey Rourke of Craigslist dick pics, Paul Jacoby, Penis Photographer.

Or rather, it’s Bob Odenkirk, best known as the comedian and co-creator of cult comedy hit, Mr. Show (with David Cross). Comparing himself to the greatest painters and his subjects to Grandma Moses, he takes us on a “day in the life” of a hired-hand photographic visionary, whose purpose is to lead a huge team of eager, worshipful interns. Telling us it’s for Casual Encounters but that “there’s nothing casual about what I do” to create that perfect fake self-portrait of Craigslist notoriety — the, er, seminal, “dick pic” — he screams at said assistants, then praises them for making “Horny In Burbank” look *just amateur enough* stroking himself on the toilet to get the winning responses to Horny’s Casual Encounters ad. And indeed, depending on the lighting and the angle, whether you find it dreaded or click-worthy, Jacoby speaks to a universal truth when he calls the dick pic, “modern Americana folk art.”

Something tells me that Mr. Jacoby is a very busy man. Unlike Casual Encounters, the video contains no nudity but still may not be work-safe.