Coyote Peterson Shows Off the Multi-Legged Belly of a Somewhat Willing Python Millipede

While exploring the Costa Rican Rainforest at night, adventure host Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness and wildlife biologist/photographer Mario Aldecoa discovered a gorgeous Python Millipede hanging out on a tree. The arthropod panicked a bit at first, but relaxed enough to let Peterson show off its hard exoskeleton as well as its multi-legged belly.

The Python Millipede is a large ground dwelling arthropod that inhabits the Caribbean ranges of Costa Rica and can reach lengths of 4 to 5 inches long. It’s strange flat backed armor definitely makes it appear as if it’s from another planet! In addition, it is also known as one of the “Cyanide Millipedes” due to it’s ability to secret the deadly poison into the air to ward off predators.