Coyote Peterson Crosses Land and Water to Capture the Perfect Photo of an Elusive Bald Eagle in Alaska

While spending time in Alaska, the adventurous Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness and his team rafted down a muddy river with expert guide Joe Ordonez to seek out and photographically capture shots of the seemingly elusive bald eagles who make the area their home alongside moose and grizzly bears. Perhaps Peterson should have visited Dutch Harbor where the hungry eagles are far less skittish, particularly if food is involved.

While there are more Bald Eagles in Alaska than any other state in the USA they can be quite difficult to film due to their incredible eyesight and extremely skittish behavior. Let’s just say sneaking up on an Eagle is far easier said than done! Oh and did we mention there are ice cold rivers and grizzly bears in the way? Yeah, this location will test one’s wilderness skills, that’s for sure!