Countries Represented in the Form of People Play a Hilarious Game of Risk Using Real World War Tactics

In 2017, the Irish comedy trio Foil Arms and Hog put together a hilarious scenario in which countries from all over the world, represented in the form of actual people, play a rousing game of “Risk”. The thing about this particular game, however, is that the players decided to employ real world war tactics rather than those from the rulebook.

USA: Alright boys, I’m pullin’ my troops out of the Middle East.

Ireland: Hey! You can’t just take your troops out whenever you want!

USA: I’m not aware of that. …

Spain: I want to invade España.

Ireland:You want to invade Spain?

Spain: Sí

Ireland: I thought you were Spain

Catalonia: I am not Spanish! I am Catalan!

Thanks Chip Beale!