A High Definition Look Into the Rare Titan Arum Plant More Commonly Known as the ‘Corpse Flower’

In an informationally odiferous episode of the KQED series “Deep Look“, narrator Lauren Sommer takes a high definition look in the life cycle of the rare Titan Arum plant more commonly known as the “Corpse Flower”. It only blooms once a decade and the stench of it can be overwhelming. Sommer explains that the this flower is actually a mimicking plant that relies on deception to reproduce and survive.

A corpse flower’s whole survival strategy is based on deception. It’s not a flower and it’s not a rotting dead animal, but it mimics both. Pollination remains out of sight, deep within the plant. KQED’s Deep Look staff was able to film inside a corpse flower, revealing the rarely-seen moment when the plant’s male flowers release glistening strings of pollen.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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