Copycat Art Scratcher, Fine Art Wall Hangings That Are Made Especially for a Cat’s Claws


Designer and cat lover Erik Stehmann, the clever mind behind the dog-shaped cat scratcher, has again lightheartedly reinterpreted the standard scratching post. The Copycat Art Scratcher combines the beauty of the Mona Lisa or other fine art with the functionality necessary for kitties to do what they need to do. The best of both worlds.

Why are scratching posts only designed to be fun for cats? It remains a challenge for me to find solutions for that, so that these products also offer fun for humans.
When my cats attacked an embroidered painting at home, I was able to see the humor in it, resulting in the idea for the Copycat Art Scratcher. After much investigation, we have found a technique to copy masterpieces onto sisal, resulting in a painting allowed to be scratched.

Mona Lisa

Copycat Art

images via Erik Stehmann

via Mental Floss