‘Cooking With Amelia’, A Fun-Filled Cooking Show Featuring Glen Tickle and His Adorable Little Daughter Amelia

Cooking With Amelia is a fun-filled cooking show, created by comedian and fellow Laughing Squid contributing writer Glen Tickle, where he makes all sorts of tasty foods with his adorable little daughter Amelia. The father and daughter chefs — with appearances from Glen‘s lovely wife Steph Rath-Tickle — have cooked up some yummy “Cheesy Crackers,” “Apple Pumpkin Muffins,” “Star Wars KRAFT Mac & Cheese,” and “The Freshest Popcorn.” Mr. Tickle has also shared some of his hilarious stand-up performances on the official Glen Tickle website.

New episodes of Cooking With Amelia will go up Fridays, but “only if Amelia feels like making one.”