Quick-Thinking Construction Crew Uses Excavator to Rescue Drowning Dog From a Irrigation Canal

A wayward dog who fell into an irrigation canal in Canton Pasaje, Ecuador was rescued by a team of quick-thinking construction workers with an excavator.

The dog fell into the irrigation canal. And from further back they warned us that the dog was drowning, and so we proceeded to rescue him

After being alerted about the dog, one brave crew member got into the bucket of the digger and waited above the rushing muddy water. As soon as the dog floated near, the worker reached out and grabbed the slippery canine right into the safety of the bucket. The excavator operator then skillfully carried both man and dog over the concrete bank and onto dry land. The dog was bleeding a bit from a back foot but was otherwise unharmed. Truly a team effort.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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