Conrad Design Reimagines Camera as Simple, Square, and Screenless

Jared Mankelow of Conran Design reimagines the digital camera in this video from BBC Future’s Imagineering series. The redesigned camera is a simplistic, square device with a round hole in the middle that could fit in the palm of your hand.

What we really have to ask ourselves is, what is the screen for? What is its purpose? And for us, it’s just another element that chewed through a lot of power. Everybody’s got a smartphone, tablet or PC nowadays, and they are built with very, very high definition screens.

[There are] two things happening here – one is with the surprise or delight of not actually viewing the subject matter you’re taking photos of, and the other is transferring via Bluetooth to your smartphone, to your tablet, and viewing photos that way.

Camera Redesign

Camera Redesign

images via BBC

via BBC, Core77, PetaPixel