The Cone, A Sleek Modern Cat Scratching Post That Doubles as a Comfy Cozy Kitty Bed

The Cone by WISKI Cat is a cleverly designed, modern footed cat scratching post that doubles as a comfy little spot for a sleepy kitty to lay a heavy head. The outer shell is made from natural sisal that can be easily changed when worn out and the included washable pillow flips over to a different color. WISKI is currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order bring this wonderful idea to market.

MEET THE CONE! The Cone is the world’s most beautiful scratching post and nap space for your cat. Designed with a clean, minimal aesthetic it’s the perfect complement to any modern home. …The best way to keep cats from scratching furniture is to give them a dedicated place to scratch. There are posts on the market that do a satisfactory job, but few, if any, that we’d actually WANT to have in our homes. The idea to create a beautiful scratching post was born!

WISKI Cats Scratching


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WISKI Cone Cat