Conan O’Brien Is Subjected to a Grueling Inquisition to Determine Whether or Not He’s Actually Boomer

With the rising popularity of the very timely and rather glib “OK Boomer” meme about being out of touch, talk show host Conan O’Brien, was subjected to a grueling inquisition by three multigenerational panelists made up of a Millennial (Andy Richter), and members of Generation X and Generation Z to determine if he were a Boomer in spirit. Conan was born in 1963, which sits betwixt the years of Baby Boomers and Generation X. The panel asked Conan questions about performer Billie Eilish, Facebook, and applying for a mortgage. They even dared Conan to eat Avocado Toast, a task he completely failed.

Panel: Fine one final test: eat this avocado toast.
Conan: Sure yeah, avocado toast. I understand the concept completely I mean that’s fantastic, I love it… I love avocado toast yet I don’t quite know where you bite into it. Where do you bite into it?