Companion, A Safety App Designed to Let Contacts Virtually Escort Each Other Home

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Companion is a safety app that was designed to let contacts virtually escort each other home. Users can send contacts a request, and if they accept they are taken to a page with a map with live location tracking to “follow” their friend home.

The app uses the phone’s sensors as a series of triggers that could indicate possible distress. If the user starts running, drops their phone, or disconnects their headphones the app will prompt them to make sure everything is okay. If the user does not respond within 15 seconds, their contacts are alerted to the possible danger.

Users can also quickly contact the nearest 911 dispatcher from within the app.

The app is available now in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Companion App Setting Location Companion App Contacts

Companion App Are You Okay Companion App 911 Dispatch

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via Business Insider, The Mary Sue

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