Scottish Sportscaster Gives Play by Play Commentary of a Battle of Wills Between His Dogs Over a Chew Toy

Scottish sportscaster Andrew Cotter (previously) quietly commentated a battle of wills between his two dogs Olive and Mabel over a prized chew toy.

Olive had hold of the toy early in the game. The black dog clearly had the upper hand due to her greater age and size, nevertheless, she grew overconfident. Her mistake was in underestimating the younger and quicker Mabel, who patiently waited for an opening to make her move.

Now Mabel sensing this might be a chance, still waiting still believing, and you wonder what Olive’s doing. She only has to hold on. Going to the upright though high tariffs with no opposable thumbs high-risk at this stage and it’s gone and Mabel takes it. No mercy from the younger dog who takes this victory just Bas time runs out. A famous will built on patience and sheer belief.

Olive and Mabel Chew Toy Commentary