Color of Time, Colorful Hanging Numbers That Mark Passage of Time With Changing Colors of the Day

Emmanuelle Moureaux, a French architect and designer who lives and works in Tokyo has created “Color of Time“, a beautiful installation that features hanging numbers that use the changing color of the day to mark the passage of time over the course of a day. As with her other projects, Moureaux uses color to designate and define space and part of her ongoing “100 Colors” project.

The sensory element “color”, and the mathematical element “time”. The installation “COLOR OF TIME” superimposes these two elements, to visualize and make one feel the flow of time. The first day of the exhibition, the sky of Toyama City on November 16, 2017. From the sunrise at 06:30, the color transitions through a total of 799 minutes, passing 18:11 astronomical twilight to 19:49, when the color disappears into blackness. This flow of time is perceived through the transitional journey through 100 shades of colors.