Clever Catnip-Based MosCATo and Pinot Meow ‘Wine’ Created For the Sophisticated Feline Palate

Apollo Creek

Apollo Creek in Denver, Colorado has unveiled their two premiere labels – the MosCATo and the Pinot Meow, specifically created for the sophisticated feline palate. Both of the beautifully packaged wines are non-alcoholic, catnip-based, locally sourced and completely safe for cats. The best feature of all, however, is that human and kitty can finally enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine together.

Why Drink Alone?! We have labored intensively to develop a non-alcoholic, catnip-based wine just for your furry feline friends. We promise it will entice your cat beyond excitement. …The Pinot Meow is a blend of all natural organic catnip grown in the U.S. and brewed with fresh mountain water and 100% whole organic beets, it’s a satisfying blend for cats of all ages.

Both wines are available in both single tasting and 8 ounce sizes and can be purchased through Apollo Creek.


Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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