A Trash Pile Rises Up to Scare People Out of Littering

Mac cleaning software CleanMyMac X created an amusing anti-littering campaign to bring awareness of the problem with people littering in Kiev, Ukraine. It features “Junkman”, a guy dressed up as a pile of trash and who realistically crouches in different places around the city. Whenever passersby would discard their own refuse onto his unseen back, Junkman springs up and give chase. The idea is that this unexpected action will scare litterers enough to convince them to properly dispose of their refuse.

Can you scare people into being litter-conscious? We’ve been trying to figure out just that with our CleanMyCity prank inspired by CleanMyMac X. Whenever unsuspecting folks would drop a piece of litter onto the pile, the “junk” would suddenly rise up and chase them back.

Junk Man Trash Pile No Littering