Claw Machines to Grab & Win Live Lobsters

As an aficionado of the claw machine arcade game, I was surprised to hear that one exists for grabbing and winning live lobsters. In fact, there are several brands of the lobster-lifting machine with names like the “Sub Marine Catcher” and “The Lobster Zone.” Not surprisingly, there are quite a few videos out there showing how these machines work. In this one, master crane operator Carolina Sullivan pops in five bucks and scores a lobster in her first try. She states, “Chef cooked my prize and served it on my table with a delicious butter sauce.” In a recent article, The Atlantic explores these crane games more in-depth and talks about the ethics associated with catching a lobster for fun.

Sub Marine Catcher

photo by nickam

via The Atlantic

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff