Chris Hardwick Announces Nerdist Channel’s Extensive Programming

At a Muppet-filled press conference, Chris Hardwick announced the extensive programming for the Nerdist Channel. Shows include: Ain’t It Cool with Harry Knowles, Chris Hardwick’s All Star Bowling, Comic Book Club Live, Cute Things Exploding, Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic, Kids in the Hall, Puppet for President, and Weird Sh#!t from Japan. Future shows include The Awkward Family Show, Four Points with Alex Albrecht, Gif Gif City, Gumball 3000 with The Dudesons, Hero Complex with Geoff Boucher, Just Cos, Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown, Neil Patrick Harris’ Puppetopia, Nerdterns, and lots more. The Nerdist Channel launches April 2, 2012.

…The press was excited to hear about shows featuring talent like Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Zombie, Weird Al Yankovic, Alex Albrecht, Alison Haislip, Harry Knowles, Kids in the Hall and many, many more…The Nerdist Channel is brought to you in partnership with Nerdist Industries, Broadway Video and The Jim Henson Company.