A Rescued Chimp Outfitted With a Camera Provides a Rare View Amongst the Treetops of Her Home

Climbing Chimp with Camera

In a clip from the three part PBS series “Animals With Cameras“, a rescued chimpanzee named Kimbang was outfitted with a camera and sent along to climb some trees so that her caretaker could assess her diet and ensure she was making the right choices before being set out into the wild. When Kimbang began climbing, she also began to offer a rare view of the treetops she calls her home.

Kimbang is a four-year-old female chimp who had a difficult start in life. Poachers killed her mother and she’s had to learn how to be a chimp from human caregivers. Donning a wearable camera, Kimbang climbs high amongst the treetops and reveals what exactly she’s been snacking on.