Chicken John’s Lost Vegas Returns to Cellspace

Chicken John's Lost Vegas

Chicken John is throwing his infamous Lost Vegas at CELLspace this Saturday, April 11th.

Lost Vegas is a dysfunctional casino environment with actual games and live entertainment. It’s got all the stuff the real Vegas has, only it’s right here… but only on Saturday April 11th. You get chips, to gamble on the games. There’s a wedding chapel with rings, for short duration marriages. Tango band. Trapeze arielist [sic]. The Secret Room where they will be filming the movie “The Sexy” starring the Wink and Yoni show, a washed up Hawaiian lounge band.


Chicken explains in his blog the party is to fundraise for the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea junk boats to make their way out to Europe to crash the Biennale art festival in Venice.

This festival ignores outsider art. […] Venice, as a city, is bankrupt. Where there once were beautiful squares there are now giant adverts and billboards for Coke and Cell Phone this or that. The disdain for this festival is growing, and I’m happy to help push.

Note that the boats are barely seaworthy and likely to sink with all hands on deck. If you have a grudge against Chicken John, supporting this project will likely hasten his demise.

photos by Scott Beale and Tod Seelie


Rick Abruzzo has been involved in numerous fringe and culture jamming art events in his hometown of San Francisco, notably Urban Golf, Urban Iditarod, 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade and the Cacophony Society.