Chicken John Launches Campaign Blog:

Chicken John's Warehouse

Ok, it has finally happened. I’ve been working on trying to get Chicken John to blog for ages and today he launched his new blog on WordPress,, where he’ll be writing about his campaign to run for Mayor of San Francisco.

Here’s his first blog post: “City of Art and Innovation”

People tell me this is impossible. You can never be mayor without support from the big developers or the city’s richest denizens. But throughout my life I’ve been doing impossible things, and most of them have been fabulously successful. And great fun! From running an amateur punk rock circus to getting Burning Man off the ground as a viable business to running a successful performance venue in San Francisco dedicated to all the arts that no other venue would touch. I am the man who beat City Tow out of 50 million dollars. I got a million stories. I’ll tell ‘em to ya later.

Watch out, Chicken has been let loose on the Blogosphere. The best way to keep up with Chicken’s campaign and his new blog is to subscribe to his RSS Feed. Oh and be sure to comment. Knowing Chicken, I’m sure he’ll be active in the comments.

Speaking of Chicken John, he is mentioned and quoted in an article about the San Francisco Mayor election by Jesse McKinley in today’s New York Times: “In Re-election Bid, a Mayor Versus a Cast of Characters”

photo credit: Scott Beale
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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