Chicken John’s Christmas Show

Chicken John

Chicken John’s Christmas Show takes place tomorrow night, Saturday, December 24th (Christmas Eve), at 12 Galaxies in San Francisco. The show starts at 10pm and is $5 to get in.

17 years ago, Chicken John started a tradition. Family holiday for people without families. On Christmas Eve, no one should be alone. So he threw a show. Here’s how it works: everyone brings a stupid gift or two, and puts it under the tree. Chicken hosts a game show that everyone in the club plays for like 3 minutes. Everyone wins. You open the gift that you select for winning right there on stage. When we run out of gifts, the show is over. Last year the show was 3 1/2 hours long. It was either the greatest thing anyone has ever seen or the worst show on Earth. This year promises to be worse. We invite you to endure:

A CHAOS CHRISTMAS CAROL with: Chicken John and friends

Join Dr. Hal, KROB, Jascha, Phx and the Odeon Bar gang as we decimate Christmas. Everyone gets a present.

Opening act: Knees and Elbows featuring Janay Growden and an all star cast.

photo by Scott Beale