A Beautiful Coat Rack Made From an Upcycled Chess Board Positioned in the Classic Caro–Kann Defence

Chessboard Coat Hanger Shelf

Craftsman Volker Rieck of Creative Holz in Blieskastel, Germany has created a beautiful chess board coat rack that’s positioned in the classic Caro–Kann Defence. Rieck, who gets a lot of ideas from items he finds at flea markets, started with an upcycled board, added the necessary game pieces and built a convenient shelf on top.

(translated) Original coathook from an old chess board. Wonderful inlaid work with a double border of the field. A specific feature of the chess board – it is not quite right-angled. This is to be looked for the purposes of the philosophy of the Upcycling, not as a lack The chess rotated in the vertical is already a strange appearance. … The figure position shows the “Caro of Kann defense”.

The coat rack and some of Riek’s other wonderful creations can be purchased through the Creative Holz Etsy Shop.

Chessboard Coat Hook

Chessboard Coat Hook Side

Chessboard Coat Hook Corner

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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