A Young Man Calmly Allows a Curious Cheetah Explore His Vehicle While on Safari in the Serengeti

Cheetah Serengeti

While on safari in the Serengeti during Spring Break, Britton Hayes had a very close encounter with a curious young cheetah. Hayes remained very calm as the big cat broke away from his two brothers to take closer look inside the vehicle that crossed their path.

While frightening, this kind of incident isn’t all that unusual, particularly since more and more humans are taking safari vacations. Hayes is the son of KOMO news anchor Elisa Jaffe. Jaffe posted the video with a huge sense of relief for her son.

I see people posting pics of their family vacations on the beach and at the theme park but not my family. Here’s alarming video from my son’s spring break in the Serengeti, the moment a cheetah jumped in his Land Cruiser. Plus there was another on the hood. Give your mom a heart attack kid! No wonder he waited to tell me.

via KOMO