Cheese Posties, A Grilled Cheese Delivery Startup Based in the United Kingdom

Cheese Posties is a new grilled cheese delivery startup based in the United Kingdom. Subscribers will receive a package containing the ingredients for a unique grilled cheese sandwich with each shipment. Customers can choose between savory or sweet sandwiches, and can also choose gluten-free bread.

Cheese Posties is currently running a Kickstarter campaign with rewards like Cheese Posties sandwiches, T-shirts, aprons, or for £5,000 “You will be lowered into a vat of melted cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs and dipped in marinara sauce before being taken to a west-end musical of your choice and spending the night at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel.”

Cheese Postie Stilton and Raspberry

Cheese Posties Ingredients

Cheese Posties Chocolate Cheesecake

Cheese Posties French Onion Soup

images via Cheese Posties

via Business Insider

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