CGP Grey Explains That the Las Vegas Strip Actually Resides in Paradise, Nevada

In the informative video, “Las Vegas isn’t Las Vegas,” the unequivocal C.G.P. Grey explains the interesting history between the city of Las Vegas, Nevada and the neighboring unincorporated place of Paradise which is the actual geographic location the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Vegas baby it’s paradise. Not metaphorically either. This literally isn’t the city of Las Vegas. Look at a map and you’ll see the name Paradise and when you visit and check the weather, same thing. Here is Las Vegas and here is Paradise which contains nearly everything people associate with Las Vegas. …You might think Paradise is just a relatively unknown city mistaken for its larger neighbor like elsewhere, But Paradise isn’t a city at all. Its an unincorporated place.

Grey was also able to sneak a quick casino video related to his Humans Need Not Apply series.