CELLspace Launches Project 2048 Artist in Residency Program


CELLspace, an amazing community arts space in San Francisco where we’ve had many events in the past (including May’s Laughing Squid Lucky 13 party), has just launched Project 2048, their new international artist in residency program.

Project 2048 seeks to bring artists from around the world to work, teach and create new and exciting projects and performances. The artist in residency program offers an ideal environment for creative growth, experimentation and collaborative inspiration with other artists and the San Francisco arts community. Artists who are accepted will be provided with living accommodations, a workspace, access to the Internet and a chance to present their work as the culmination of the residency in our art gallery or the performance space. Besides a place to work this residency will also expose artists to the extremely diverse verity of arts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many artists have come through our doors over the years and have left their mark in both memories and works.

We are looking for Muralists, Sculptors, Gallery Artists and Curators, Performers of all types Arts Educators, Sound Artists, Mosaic Artists, B-Boys and B-girls, Industrial Artists, those seeking to create Sacred Spaces and many more that we have not even imagined.

Speaking of CELLspace, they are having a Get HOLI-FREAKY at ‘HOME’ Winter Solstice event on Friday, December 19th.

photo by Scott Beale