Samson aka Catstradamus, The Largest Cat in New York City and the DJ Human Who Shares His Space

Samson aka Catstradamus, is an absolutely gorgeous long-haired, big-footed cat who happens to be the largest feline in New York City. Measuring an astounding 4 feet long and weighing 28 pounds, Samson is a gentle giant who lives with his doting human, DJ Splurt, who rightfully insists to Gothamist that while Samson is big, he is certainly not fat.

I knew he would be big but I never knew he was going to be this big. First of all I just wanna put this out there my cat is not fat. People accuse him of being fat and I just want to stop cat shaming and body shaming cats. He’s not fat, he’s not Kate Moss, he’s not a supermodel but he is a big healthy sturdy cat. I’ve always been posting his pictures because I love him so much. I think he’s so beautiful and I want to share him.

Agreed, yes and thank you for doing so.