‘Catlateral Damage’ Video Game Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for New Features and Expanded Content

Catlateral Damage (see previous post) is a first-person cat simulator by Chris Chung featuring gameplay consisting of knocking all your owner’s possessions to the floor. Chung is now raising funds via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a bevy of new features and expanded content prior to the video game’s release on Steam.

See the world from the perspective of a cat! Like other first-person games, you can walk and look around, jump, and crouch. Unlike other first-person games, your primary weapons are your two cat paws, which you can use to swipe at and knock objects onto the floor.

Catlateral Damage Video Game

Catlateral Damage Video Game

images via Chris Chung

via Steve Gaynor