Quick Thinking Ramp Worker Stops Catering Cart That Was Spinning Wildly Out of Control at O’Hare Airport

While at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, waiting passenger Kevin Klauer DO, EJD captured absolutely chaotic footage of a catering cart that lost control on its way to an awaiting plane on the tarmac. As the cart spun wider and wider out of control and closer and closer to the very expensive airplane, a quick thinking ramp worker named Jorge Manalang deliberately crashed a towing vehicle into the cart in order to stop the ensuing insanity. The contents of the catering cart spilled out onto the tarmac, but it appears no one was hurt and no further damage was done.

American Airlines put out a supporting statement on Manalang’s actions

We appreciate the quick action of our team member who stopped the vehicle. Safety is our top priority and we are working with our partners to investigate the incident.

Stopping Catering Cart