Black Cat Sounds Like an Engine That Won’t Start

A little black cat named Shorty of the feline duo Shorty and Cody sat inside her beloved cardboard box and made adorable revving noises that made her sound like a stalling engine trying to start while her beloved human Rob played a bit of peek-a-boo with her.

Shorty usually does her little “hi” activation sound when I walk by and see her in her box, er, I mean, Her Royal Meowjesty’s Secret Fortress. But here she does it in succession when I was playing peek-a-boo with her.

Evidently, this is Shorty’s favorite way of communicating.

Here’s what Shorty is like once her engine is fully up and running.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

Lori is a Laughing Squid Contributing Editor based in New York City who has been writing blog posts for over a decade. She also enjoys making jewelry, playing guitar, taking photos and mixing craft cocktails.