A Super Affectionate Rescued Cat Happily Snuggles With His Beloved Lullaby Playing Human at the Piano

Affectionate Rescued Cat at Piano With Human Lullabye

Previously we wrote about Turkish musician Sarper Durman and his beloved tabby cat who stared lovingly at him while he played the piano. As it turns out, there’s more than one music appreciating feline in Durman’s family.

Fevsi is a beautiful orange and white cat whom Durman rescued as a kitten from a cruelly abusive human. At the time of rescue, Fevsi could not move his back legs nor could he feel his tail. After numerous procedures, however, Fevsi is now able to walk again. He also particularly adores sitting on Durman’s lap and being super affectionate as Durman plays sweet lullabies on the piano for him.

Fevzi’s path and mine crossed about 1.5 years ago… He couldn’t walk because he was kicked on the streets, his rear legs didn’t work… What happened was captured by a store’s security camera, yet the person who kicked him couldn’t be found due to the face being too blurry in the images. He went under cortisone and laser treatment for a long time… Then he healed and started walking again… Now he’s this cute, lovebug of a cat… Even if he went through some bad times, it’s so nice to see him like this now…

As it turns out, Durman’s entire feline family enjoys a good night lullaby, which is something that the musician is more than happy to do for them.

My children each have separate stories… One doesn’t have one leg, one is missing two eyes and one is missing one… All have been through pain in the past. I often wonder whether I can get them to forget the suffering they went through.. Maybe I can’t get them to forget completely… But while snoozing to music, I believe they forget everything that is bad even if it’s for a little bit…

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Lori Dorn
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