A Little Orange Cat Is in Love With a Tiny Love Bird

A little orange cat named Pugsley Adams and a tiny colorful love bird named Chicken are the best of inseparable friends. The bond developed even deeper after the loss of another orange cat named Frank whom they both loved.

Their human Row Oliver explained that after she brought Chicken home, she found a cat in foster care (Frank) who really got along with birds. Pugsley was soon added to the mix and the trio was inseparable. Sadly, Frank became ill and passed away unexpectedly. The loss brought the surviving pair even closer together than they were.

Unfortunately I had the trio only for a little under a year. Frank got really sick. It was terrible and we were really worried about Chicken. That’s when Pugsley and Chicken really mourned together. They were just cuddling they were really leaning on each other.

Now Chicken gets anxious when Pugsley is out of her sight, even if he has to go to the litter box. Oliver solved that issue by putting Chicken’s cage on top of the litter box, or so she thought. Now Pugsley sits in the cage with Chicken.

This cat is glued to his favorite little love bird and even climbs inside her cage to hang out longer

Here’s the original trio together.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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