How Cats Show Their Love With Head Bonks

Renowned Cat expert Jackson Galaxy describes the many reasons cats bonk heads with each other and with their humans, noting that it has everything to do with love.

Why do cats rub their face against things including you? What do we make of cats head-butting you and other cats?

Galaxy further describes that cats often do this to mark their scents on what and on whom they love. He sees it as a willingness of such a defensive animal to let themselves be vulnerable and engage in an act of complete trust.

With the head bonk or a big sort of all-in hug or something like that then we have no reservations, we have no protection, we have no boundaries. That’s what your cat is showing to you by doing the head bonk. They leave scent on you. They could rub up onto your head or your cheek meet your cheeks with theirs. It is absolutely in my experience one of the most loving gestures that you’ll get from from a cat.

This action is also known as head butting or head bunting, but Galaxy prefers the term head bonking.

So you know the words whether its head butting or the more scientifically appropriate head bunting …I love head bonk I think it’s the cutest. I will stick with it, so head bonk it is. And with that let me just remind you again it’s all about love you guys it’s all about love.

Head Bonk Cat
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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