Cat Eye Glasses, Feline Eyes Combined With Classic Cat Eye Frames

Cat Eye Glasses

These retro Cat Eye Glasses by Archie McPhee (of course!) humorously put feline eyes on retro ‘cat eye’ style frames. Purrfect for the sophisticated ‘cat lady’ in your life.

When Archie McPhee says “Cat Eye Glasses,” we’re not just referring to a style of frame. Heck no! While our Cat Eye Glasses do have the the horn-rimmed shape of the glasses worn by stereotypical, crush-worthy librarians, they also make it look like you have the actual eyes of a cat. Perfect for Facebook pictures, trying to pass yourself off as a cat when you’re in a group of cats or dressing up as a stylish were-cat. A must have for the fashionable feline-aficionado, so whether you are on the catwalk or just walking your cat, you’ll want to be wearing them.

Cat Eye Glasses.

photo by Archie McPhee Store