A Playful Black Cat Chases After an Accommodating Window Washer’s Blade on the Other Side of the Glass

A very playful black cat named Guinness who lives on a high floor of a tall building watched very closely as a window washer on the other side of the glass repeatedly soaped up his blade and swept it across the window. Every time the blade made contact, the kitty would pounce. The man cleaning the windows noticed what was happening and played along as he did his job. Feline sibling Pimm watched the interaction as it took place, but didn’t want to join in on the fun.

The long-awaited window cleaners are back! With eager anticipation from Guinness and Pimms.
And of course, it was Nagi’s first experience of this event. Guinness was responding to the swiping motions of the window cleaners, with Pimms sitting in the background, and Nagi watching the performance from his bouncer. It looked like all concerned were enjoying the short moment at the window.

This adorable situation first occurred with Guinness in 2015.

A throwback to when Guinness was 1 year old, taken on 22th November in 2015. He is seen here trying desperately hard to keep up with and match the swiping movements of the window cleaners!

via Meowsical

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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