Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed Announces the Return of the Beloved Comic ‘Bloom County’ After a 25 Year Hiatus

Berkely Breathed

After a 25 year hiatus, cartoonist Berkeley Breathed announced today the return of Opus, Bill the Cat, Milo Bloom, Steve Dallas and the rest of the misfit residents of the Bloom County comic strip through a photo on Facebook and a simple statement.

A return after 25 years. Feels like going home.

When a fan asked Breathed if the return of Bloom County had anything to do with with Donald Trump “returning to the political spectrum”, the cartoonist humorously responded “This creator can’t precisely deny that the chap you mention had nothing to do with it.”

Bloom County originally ran from December 8, 1980, until August 6, 1989.

UPDATE: Berkeley Breathed just published the first Bloom County comic in 25 years!

Stop and Savor

Dandelion Break

Bill the Cat
Bill the Cat

Milo Bloom
Milo Bloom

Bloom County

images via Berkeley Breathed