Tom Scott Visits the Cartoonish Steel Sculpture That Looks Like a Sheet of Paper Sitting on Top of a Hillside

In 2012, we wrote about Horizons, a steel sculpture by artist Neil Dawson that looks like a floating piece of paper sitting on top of a New Zealand hillside. More recently, vlogger Tom Scott adventured up said hillside on Gibbs Farm.

This Kaipara Harbour location hosts a number of large artistic installations from a remarkable number of artists, of which Horizons is one. Unfortunately, as the farm is privately owned visitor access is limited and appointments are required.

Gibbs Farm, in New Zealand, is an enormous private sculpture collection. Its most famous piece is Horizons, by Neil Dawson – and it looks like a cartoon tissue somehow painted onto the landscape. To see it in person, though, will take a bit of effort.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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