Candy Cane Car, A Red & White Striped Reflective Art Car

Pogo-stick maker Pogo Dave Clayman, the current owner and creator of the Candy Cane Car, has not put this art car up for sale on Ebay. In this video about the alternating red and white striped car, he reports that it reflects at a whopping “900 candlepower”. This unique Christmas-y art car (built on the body of a 1991 Toyota Camry LE) features a rooftop gymnasium so you can “work out where and when you like.” The “Buy it Now” price for this car on Ebay is $1.7 million dollars but don’t mind that, it’s not for sale.

Pogo Dave has not enjoyed entertaining motorists throughout Rhode Island for the past 19 years with nonsensical art car. Pogo Dave is a master of reserve psychology and doesn’t look forward to satisfying the needs of Rhode Island motorists for years with his candy cane art car, evident but the totally unhappy people driving by his car not smiling at all. Please do not visit him on Facebook or email him! at Definitely don’t even think of calling him at (401) 556-8529. I think he would get really mad if contacted him about not buying his Candy Cane art Car now not on sale on Ebay.

images via Pogo Dave