Burning Opera Soundtrack CD Fundraiser

The talented team of writers, musicians, producers and actors who have brought How To Survive the Apocalypse: A Burning Opera to life, are in post-production on a CD of the show’s original music. Now they just need to pay for it.

True to the the rock opera’s story about the origins and evolution of Burning Man, and the theme of creative community participation, they are seeking community funding to complete the project via social fundraising site Kickstarter.

Their goal is to raise $8000, and they are well on their way, but have less than a month to complete the funding. You can contribute on their Kickstarter project page.

The vibe is a Burning Man-inspired theatrical freak-out that combines rock opera, vaudeville, and a Dionysian revival show.
With music by Mark Nichols and words by counterculture writer Erik Davis, these songs reflect a variety of Burning Man subcultures while resonating with zeitgeist-wide concerns about identity, sexuality, technology, hopelessness, and apocalypse. Given our exceptional performers, we are convinced that these songs will work just as well on CD as in live performance.

There are several contribution levels from $30 to $4000 which will get you thank you gifts ranging from a copy of the CD to an Exec Producer’s credit and a custom cast performance at your house.

The show made its debut more than a year ago as a work-in-progress at a small theater in San Francisco. That was followed by an extended sold-out run at Teatro Zinzanni, a 350-seat theater also in SF. It features a stellar lineup of performers form Seattle, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and LA. It has had contributions from founders and original attendees of the Burning Man festival, and gotten a positive response from the earliest participants, current Burners & staff, and the uninitiated alike.

There is video of several songs from the show online like “Poison Path” (the druggy song), “Burn It Up” and “Gypsy Dogs” (shown below).