A Determined Bunny Tenaciously Digs at the Dirt in an Effort to Free a Kitten Trapped Behind a Wall

A determined little bunny who grew very concerned about a feline friend who was stuck behind a corrugated wall, tenaciously dug at the dirt and pushed it back so that the little white cat could exit with ease. Per their human, the cat had gotten trapped when she covered up the hole.

The place where the was kitten (fluff) was a hole that the rabbit (chasky) always made, which I had to cover every day because they got into the hole ..That day I saw the hole, and as all the day I covered it, without noticing that the cat was inside. When I saw that Chasky began to dig, I fished out my cell to show my husband that the rabbit was making the hole. At that time I saw one of the cats legs. I was surprised that my rabbit was not digging a hole for pleasure, was just doing it get a friend.