British Man Living in Japan Condenses His Busy 80-Hour Work Week Into an Intense Three-Minute Video

Stu in Tokyo, a British man living in Japan, condensed his busy 80-hour work week into an intense three-minute video. Stu works as a language teacher with the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme, and says the first three months of the year are his “busy season” meaning long hours and little time for anything but work, sleep, and food.

January to the end of March is our ‘busy season’ at work, which means that for these 3 months, my life is basically like this…

There are definitely people in Tokyo who do this all year round in order to support their families. I couldn’t imagine having to do this if I had those kinds of responsibilities as well.

Big salutes to all you hard workers out there, winning bread for your loved ones!

via Tastefully Offensive